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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies. 30 %. Student has chosen a selection of rhetorical strategies to analyze and has given examples from the film. Student can discern which rhetorical strategies relate to ethos, logos, and pathos. Student can identify effectivness of film's rhetoric.Used strategically, repetition can wake our readers up and help them to focus on a key idea—or, at times, even raise a smile. When it came to practicing effective strategies of repetition, rhetoricians in ancient Greece and Rome had a big bag full of tricks, each with a fancy name. Many of these devices appear in our Grammar & Rhetoric Glossary.Rhetorical Strategies/Devices. Elements creators of text use to put forth their arguments. Themes: Linking devices that hold a text together structurally, e.g. the battle between good and evil: the general idea or insight about life a writer wishes to express. All of the elements of literary terms contribute to theme. A simple theme can often be stated in a single sentence.Mar 17, 2010 · Throughout this novel, rhetorical strategies are used consistently to make Alice Walker’s writing stronger. Similes are the most reoccurring strategy that is used in this novel. There purpose is to create an image in the readers mind. Similes allow the two different topics to be clearly separate, despite the similarity being made.